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Focccus guide required


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I recently bought myself a 2012 ford focus 1.6 diesel titanium and have been loving it so far, and now I think it's time to do some modifications.

To start off with I want to make the doors lock automatically and fit HID bulbs. But to do both of those things I need to reprogram the car.

I've looked online but I've haven't found a definitive guide, and I don't want to experiment by clicking buttons and seeing what happens.

Does anybody on this site have or know of a guide with information on how to use focccus and what cable do I need.



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When I got my focus, 2012 model as well. I searched for a long time for the auto locking. I followed several guides with different key combos but could never get it to work. A post on Ford fanatics stated it wasn't a feature. I do believe it's been added in newer models.

If I'm wrong and you do find a way, please let me know :).

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I've activated it on my 2012 Focus, I'll try my best to explain it.

1. Turn key into position 1 (If the BCM fails to load as it sometimes does with me turn onto position 2 and try again)

2. Plug your cable into your car and connect up to laptop (Or whatever device)

3. Open up Focccus I use version 8.5

4. Select your car from the dropdown box or carry on if it's already selected

5. Read from BCM and wait (Car may do some weird stuff)

6. #32 Automatic locking by speed and select Automatic locking

7. At the bottom you will see a button that says "Write to BCM" click it and wait.

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cable arrived today, here is my experience of using it so far.

the cable arrived bundled with FORScan, this program seems pretty good for displaying DCT codes and oscilloscope plots of data,

I downloaded FOCCCUS 0.8.5, installed it on a windows 10 laptop.

plugged in the cable installed the driver and ran to the car.

  1. start FOCCCUS and click open
  2. click read BCM, this will make the instrument cluster do weird things throw error lights.
  3. click save to file, just in case.
  4. scroll down to #32 automatic locking by speed and change it to automatic locking
  5. click write to BCM, again the dashboard will do weird things
  6. close FOCCCUS
  7. turn ignition off and on again
  8. start FORScan
  9. click connect in the bottom left
  10. FORScan will read the various modules
  11. click the yellow triangle with DCT written on it
  12. click read DCT, for me a few codes came up
  13. click reset DCT
  14. click read DCT, to make sure codes gone
  15. disconnect in FORScan, close and unplug
  16. cycle ignition again
  17. start car and test changes have been made and no lights are coming up

when I did this the first time I didn't cycle the ignition and the cruise control DCT kept coming up and cruise control would work. so I loaded the saved file back into the car. and cleared the odes in FORScan and started a module test labeled PCM.... after doing this the cruise control error disappeared and I followed the steps above.

so now my car automatically locks itself once the car is moving. I am going to drive the car about a bit over next few days and as soon as I am brave enough (after the cruise control scare) I will try the #236 and put it into ST mode, this should display a ST logo when the ignition is turned on and allow more control over the ESC.


I'm no expert at this, so try this at your own risk


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Changing parameter #236 of the CCC is not enough to activate the ST menu. Next to changing this parameter it is also necessary to change some configuration parameters of the instrument cluster manually. To do this you need to know exactly the correct parameter values and which parameters you have to change

Next to this the ST menu ESC functions are only supported on newer ABS module firmware versions. If the ABS firmware version is too old it has to be updated to the latest version first before the ST menu can be activated. Do not try to update the ABS module firmware using the FoCCCus program. This often results in a bricked ABS module.

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In that case I won't try it. I really only wanted it for the st logo on the instrument cluster.

Do you know for the headlight option, do you choose HID or alternative HID


For use with the eBay style hid kits

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The HID setting is only suitable for original HID headlights. Original HID headlights are controlled by the HCM (Headlamp Control module). Activating this option on a car without a HCM will result in several DTC codes.

Alternative HID is perfectly suitable for Aftermarket HID headlights. This option was originally intended for original HID headlights without automatic or manual electric leveling which are available in some Northern/Southern American markets. This setting deactivates the bulb check system and supplies the HID ballasts with a steady 12 Volt supply instead of the PWM signal that is used for normal Halogen bulbs. This setting will work for 90% of all aftermarket HID kits.

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Hi on a side note, I want to replace all outside standard bulbs on my car and caravan to LED types

as my car is fitted with CANBUS system, is there any way to go into FOCCCUS 0.8.5 system to disable bulb checks ??

which would stop errors being thrown up at me...

2015 Ford Focus Mk3.5 Titanium

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6 hours ago, vindi93 said:

how do you use this with push button start, no key for positions 1 and 2 in my car

Push the start button without putting your foot on the clutch.  The car (lights/radio etc...) will switch on but not the engine. :smile:

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Fun police have arrived. I would go and read up before you start fitting HIDs to your car. To summarise the general points:

1. They are going to be very illegal if not fitted in a projector housing, don't have washers fitted, and are not auto levelling. New MOT rules came in to enforce these extra requirements. Should the car pass, it could be subject to an IVA by the DVLA which will fail them instantly.

2. Good luck telling your insurance company about them as they are likely to tell you to remove them otherwise risk losing your insurance.

This thread is full of useful information: 


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