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So I've been posting here for a few weeks, but only just picked up my new (to me) Ford Focus. I traded in my little 56 plate Clio for this 1.6 ecoboost titanium this morning and have just driven it a good 200 miles to get a fee for it. 

Gotta say, I am really happy with the 1.6. Feels fantastic cruising down the motorway, and nice and responsive on the back roads. Been having fun playing with the gadgets and such. Looking forward to many happy years with me new car! I know the colour is a bit of a Marmite colour, but I like it. 

Obligatory picture



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Thanks folks. Yyea really enjoying it. Trying to figure out how the stop start works... It's not done it all day

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The car had been on the  forecourt for at least a month - I asked then to keep it for me till I sorted money out. When I started it up, it complained of the battery being low, but did start. Stopped off for something to eat after 70ish miles and when we got back in the car, the low battery message didn't come back so figured it was now charged. 

I tried going into neutral and handbrake on a few time, but engine stayed on. Does it matter if air con/climate control is on? 

To be honest, I'm not too bothered about it not stop starting, I don't really believe it can be good for an engine in the long run. Just concerned that the battery is on the way out. 

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