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Ford Focus 2.0 TDCI Ghia 2007 Oil Leak


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Just bought the car, discovered an oil leak. Doesn't leak when idle but when I rev the engine a LOT of oil comes out somewhere around the bottom between the sump and flywheel (i think). I thought it was the seal on the sump so took it off and did a new seal. I was wrong. I have no idea where the oil is coming from. Does anyone have any ideas? 

If there are details I've missed out just ask and I'll do my best. 

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RIGHT... :(
It's been to the garage, they had the gearbox off, they're saying the drive shaft has a LOT of play in it and the entire bottom of the engine is gone and the car needs a new engine. They say the shaft is the reason the oil is leaking out of the seal because its just flying about in there. They suggested just scrapping the car. Could someone explain to me what's gone on here? Give me any advice on what to do? I really don't know. 

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This basically means that the crankshaft bearings (and most likely also the crankshaft itself) are completely worn. The exessive crankshaft play caused the defective oil seal. Because of this the gearbox bearings may also be damaged and may need to be replaced.

To solve this problem the complete engine needs to be rebuild which will cost a lot of money (generally between 2000 and 3000 GBP). Another option is to install another engine.  This can be a brand new, rebuild or used engine. A brand new 2.0 TDCI  service engine Form Ford will cost approximately 4500 GBP without fitting. A used engine from a scrap car will cost a lot less but the condition of the engine is in most cases unknown.

Either way it will cost a lot of money to solve this problem. You have to decide for yourself if the car is worth it to invest this amount of money. From an economical point of view scrapping the car may be the most logical decision.

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Ok, sorry to resurrect an old thread here but.. 

I bought a 1.6 petrol ford focus and have been trying to sell the 2.0 diesel focus BUT the petrol was rear ended and has been written off due to damage to the rear. Would it be possible and if so how difficult / costly to put the petrol engine into the diesel car.

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