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O8 Fiesta TDCi intermittent ABS light


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Just wondering if anybody can give any pointer to a fix for an intermittent ABS warning light.

Just don't know when it's going to go on/off, but seems random - some journeys fine, others it will come on/off during or for the duration.  If i'm honest, the light is on more than off.

Diagnostics in a garage (during a time when light was on constant) gave C1095 'ABS Hydraulic Pumpcircuit Fault'.  Suggested solution was to take out the pump, send it off for further diagnostics and refurb at a cost of £250 (before garage labour charge).

Issue does not affect any other dash functions - speedo, tacho, etc. all fine.  I've also read about issues that need the light reset by a garage, but mine goes on and off at will.

I don't mind getting my hands dirty if anybody can suggest even a few things to try that might remedy the situation prior to shelling out.

Thanks in advance,



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10 hours ago, NewToFord said:

C1095 'ABS Hydraulic Pumpcircuit Fault'.

Unfortunately that does sound rather specific to the ABS.

I would monitor the car with a good diagnostic system like Forscan, which can probe all modules, and check for communications or related error that might be confusing the system. It will tell you if the DTC is stored in the ABS, or in some other module that is getting faulty data. But this is a bit of a long shot.

There are a few wiring clues (a bit vague) in:


But it ended up being the ABS pump there.

For more on Forscan, see:


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