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Finally Got The Sticker On


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When I attempted to peel the clearer top layer of the sticker off, the lettering stayed stuck to the thicker, cardboard base. Which was of no use whatsoever, as it's an exterior sticker. So what I eventually did, was cover the lettering over with electricians tape, press it down hard a few times to the lettering & base & the idea was, that the lettering would stick easily to the tape when I peeled the tape off.  Of course, it wasn't that easy, so I had to peel it off really slowly & gently lift a corner of each letter & coax it onto the tape.  Unfortunately, I lost the dot (for the dot com bit) & being a bit of a perfectionist, I ditched the com bit too, so it didn't look odd.  Hasn't come out too bad, considering........... 


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10 hours ago, Luke4efc said:

Sounds like a ten-foot job to me pal 😂

It took longer to think of a solution, than it did to apply it to the screen  lol

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