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Bluetooth Audio Default


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I've started using TuneIn radio app on my Android phone and playing it through FordSync with the BT Audio option.

Unfortunately this means when I start the car these days I'm usually immediately treated to a rendition of "LIfe is Good" which is one of the sample audio tracks/ringtones that came with my phone.

Where is this default? Anyone know how I can change it? Is it the car that's telling my phone phone what to play, or an Android setting about what to play when BT Audio is requested from an external source?

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Delete the file or move it onto your pc and test the phone again and see what happens.

It will no doubt be the default on the phone Tunein app and not the car!


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Amazingly it seem impossible to stop this. 

One solution I found was this where you have one app try to kill the default app while another starts up the player you want.

But it still doesn't work well. I get a couple of seconds of choir as the 1st app takes time to kill the player.

I think my solution is going to be to find an mp3 that I don't mind and rename it so it's first on my Android and I only have to hear that for a second

Maybe I'll just get a silent MP3 - or If I want to be silly

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