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I currently have a 2015 Ford Focus 1.5l tdci ecoboost Zeneca navigator. My MPG is usually 53-55MPG but recently every now and again it creeps up. The other day I went out and it jumped to 61MPG and now it’s 69MPG. It gradually goes up to 99MPG so I reset it and it stays ok for a few weeks and then starts to rise again. Also I think it’s using more fuel that it should be. I did 122miles on just over 1/4 tank doing average 60-75mph mixture of urban/country roads and motorway driving.  I think this is a bad fuel consumption? As my 1.8 petrol focus went to Cornwall from Rutland on 3/4 of a tank. Can anyone adivse me of the potential issues I’m having and how to correct them? And if I’m worrying about the fuel usuals when it’s perectly normal amount?



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