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I'm struggling with a dilemma: Disable  battery Monitoring, or not?
My previous battery died early (2 years): reason was a capacitance problem. Because of the relatively short distances we drove the battery probably never got fully charged. At the dealer I have a capacity measurement done after a charging cycle (with professional charger) and this gave barely 40%. Advised to place a new battery.
The new EFB battery (no AGM!) Keeps it good until now. But I have my reservations about the BMS. According to Dan, here on the forum, the generator / dynamo always loads at full capacity when it is switched off. Given the distances we do, a good thing probably, but if we do longer distances, does that cause any problems? Perhaps danger of over-loading?

In the past, the alternator was equipped with a 'regulator', so that there was never any danger of over-loading. Do the alternators now used with the BMS also have such a regulator?

The reason I am asking this is that disabling the BMS indirectly provides an advantage for me in any way: the Start-Stop system does not work and I want to keep it that way. You can also just 'switch off' with the switch, but I just hate that, pushing that button at every start.

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