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Stuttering At Lower Revs

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I have a 1997 ford escort 1.4 petrol, and the last couple its has started stuttering/juddering under acceleration, its like not enough fuel is going in or something? When this is happeneing, there is hardly any power unless i put my foot right down then the revs rise slowly and all of a sudden it takes off like a beast. i need to know if this is an easy fix as times are hard and im semi skilled and would give it a good shot at fixing it myself if i could.
Ive not run it out of fuel, and tho only thing i can think of having done recently before that was the oil was low so i topped it up with 20w50 mineral as it had done 150k miles, im not sure thats the right oil, but its the closest description i had on the oil bottles to my car.

Thanks in advance guys

(p.s. go easy on me im a newbie here)

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C'mon guys 43 views and no replys, someone must have a slight idea where to start? Id guess at maybe new HT leads and plugs but anything more that that i dont know ? :(

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though changing plugs and leads is always a good start point.

i wouldnt be suprised if its the oil you put in thats causing the problem.

5w/30 semi synthetic is ideal, 10w/40 is an alternative

20w/50 is way too thick an oil for this engine, which will effect the hydraulic tappets, which in turn can give the symptoms you describe...how much of an effect depends on how much you put in....but either way, would recommend a quick flush, drain and refill with correct oil and new filter too.

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Thanks very much i will try that, ive spoken to a couple of mechanics, they both said the oil would be ok being as its old and high milage, but for the cost of it im will to try that rather than take it to a garage who might have it for a week or what evre and charge me the earth, damn economy !Removed! me over !!

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i dont agree with them

a well looked after engine, be ok to use recommended oil its whole life, regardless of mileage.

but even a well worn engine, still wouldnt recommend 20/50....way too thick, will do more harm than good..

have seen instances of this on similar mileage engines, causes hydraulic tappetts to lock up, to the point car refuses to start.

good engine, 5w/30 is ideal, better for fuel consumption too, but 10w/40 is a perfectly acceptable alternative.

tired engine, 10w/40 might be the better choice, just to give it that bit better protection.

should add this maybe not your problem, but either way, would still flush out and change....suppose good question would be, did problem start after the top up

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