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Airbag Light Not Working (Fault Codes)

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Hi all. I just bought myself an 06 mondeo TDCi. I have an issue with the airbag light. It doesn't come on at all. I read the codes using autocom and I get B2293 (spiral wiring driver or passenger side) and B1870 (airbag warning light short to positive). My first guess is that the bulb fairy has paid a visit and removed the bulb to prevent it from flashing.

An I right in saying that the spiral wiring is in fact the clock spring immediately behind the steering wheel? And, is there in fact, a removable bulb in the cluster that may be blown or have been removed. Some clusters now have LEDs in. Just looking for a little info before I go in there.

Thanks guys.


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it might be bulbs blown.spiral is behind drivers airbag bolted to steering wheel so goto remove airbag then spiral think its 20 torks bit.its got 2 connectors on it.advise disconnecting battery and try not to touch the ends of wire as static in the body could set it off

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Thanks Peter. That's kinda what I was thinking. It's entirely possible that the blown bulb is throwing the spiral wiring fault aswell. Ill just have to get in there and see

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Just a small note for when you refit the clock spring, maybe you already know but worth mentioning anyhow. Before you refit it, turn the spring all the way to the left, then turn it all the way to the right, counting the turns as you go. Divide this by two, then count back by that number of turns to get the clock spring centralised. I think the one on my Focus was two and a half turns to centre, but do check this.

If you don't do this, you will not be able to turn the steering wheel fully/at all one way or the other. And you don't want to find this out at speed, on a bend.

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B2293 could be either driver or passenger air bag wiring problem

if you turn ignition on, air bag light should flash a code...for eg...

code 19 is flash...pause....flash x9

19 is drivers air bag

21 is passenger air bag

trouble is, your other code B1870, will cause the light to flash continously, so will have to repair this first...once done, you can then check flashes again to tell you which side air bag is causing problem..

think that makes sense :)

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alternatively....did you have any other numbers come up with the B2293 code e.g B2293 -21

if so, let us know as those 2 numbers will reveal location/type of fault, can look it up for you.

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