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I Need help with my first car

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I have no idea about cars but I love the fiestas, so I picked up a 1.2L Zetec with the Zetec body kit which looks really cool! I've uploaded pictures however I didn't realize about the mods and gone ahead and brought it, when I get my blackbox fitted will they refuse to fit because of my mods? None of them are performance mods, btw I am going to declare the mods once I'm on the policy,

So my question is will the people who come to fit the blackbox refuse to fit it ?



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Might sound a stupid question but.....tell me that isn’t grit on the roof?

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It looks nice but might need some cleaning before anything is fitted. They probably wont because of the modifications. You basically need the most basic car for a black box

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It depends who your insurer is.

I remember when they fitted mine the guy just took a picture of the numberplate and odometer. He was from a contracted company so didn't really care other than installing the box. Even told me how he wired it to so that I could pull it out and avoid the £90 fee or spend ages tracing the wiring myself.

Maybe he would question the blacked out lights but I had wind deflectors and he didn't care.

Btw those lights don't look particularly legal. Police love pulling drivers over for that sort of thing, and unless you can prove they're legal by showing some sort of safety mark on a piece of paper the headlight manufacturer provides (if they're not just sprayed or wrapped) then you'll end up getting a ticket for it. Points on your licence is not what you want at 17. It just makes it even harder to get insurered.

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One of my friends back in college bought a yaris which came fitted with aftermarket wheels. I'm sure he told me that when the guy came to fit the black box and saw that that he wouldn't install it. I think my friend said he rang the insurance again and they managed to get it installed with the aftermarket wheels. 

Few months after that he got a Toyota avensis 2.4 petrol which he said he managed to get insured for just £1700 from a insurance broker. Back then I was paying £2080 on a 1 litre Peugeot 107 for my first car. 

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