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Oil problem - Fiesta MK6 1.4 16V


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Hi guys :) I've got problem with my Fiesta MK6 2002 1.4 16V. 

I bought the car in Sep 2017. In December I was on full service with it and everything was fine. 

Yesterday I've checked oil and it was below minimum :blink: I did about 5000 miles only since December and all oil burned it that time. I know it shouldn't be like that so I read some articles in the internet and many of them says that it can be PCV, crankcase etc. So I checked today the small pipe which is coming form air filter box straight to the engine but it looks clear, one thing which was really dirty was small sponge (filter)(see pictures) in air filter box in this place where the small pipe going from to the engine. Also oil is very dark, yesterday I topped up oil and did about 15 miles since that time and today oil was almost black (see pictures). Do you know guys what can be wrong? And where are PCV and crankcase breather in my car and how to check it? 







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The PCV is right under the intake manifold. you can see it from the right side.


Dont know if you got your answer or solved the issue, since this post is very old 😛
But i was looking around for a new PCV valve for my car.. same model, same engine. but i cant find any local sellers. -_-

i have unstable Rpm. and a lot of gunk in the carburator. so the engine needs a cleaning!. 

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