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Soft brakes - that won't clear


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I have have 2.0 TDCi estate.

Had to put new pads and discs on. Bled brakes using pedal and went soft. Couldn't clear softness.

I might have forgot to take brake fluid cap off when pushing brake cylinders back! Not sure now!

Assumed it was master cylinder so got a second hand one off eBay.

Fitted it and same problem. Only slight difference is not soft when engine not on. With engine it still slowly goes down to floor.

Brakes and everything work fine and can stop from hard from 70 but brake pedal feels firm as brakes lock up/ABS kicks in and then when stopped it sinks again. 

Is it likely there is some air in the system still?

Or maybe I have just got a duff master cylinder off eBay and should just buy a new one?

Is it likely to be anything to do with ABS part. I have read valves can stick etc letting fluid around. Could it be this? In which case probably a write off as not worth effort of fixing






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