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Satnav SD Card 2011

chris timmins

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Satnav SD Card 2011

chris timmins posted a topic in Audio & Electronics

Hi all I have a Microsoft Sync system My Ford nontouch screen. ford focus 2011 mk3 model Does anyone know how i can get a update maps or a torrent i can download or is this only a main dealer I am able to get the SD card out thank you in advance.As I am a new to all of this. Chris
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A 2011 Focus MK3 has the Ford MFD Satnav system. This is a Ford system thas is developed by Ford in cojunction with Bosch/Blaupunkt. 

Early versions of the MFD system (produced before approximately late 2012) are based on the old Bluetooth/Voicecontrol system. This is basically the same system that was used on the Focus MK2.5.

Later versions of the MFD system (produced after approximately late 2012) are based on the newer SYNC 1.0 / SYNC 1.1 system. This system however has nothing to do with Microsoft. 


The Ford MFD Satnav system uses TeleAtlas maps. TeleAtlas is currently owned by tomtom. The Satnav functionality of the MFD system is developed by Bosch/Blaupunkt. The original SD- cards for the MFD system can be bought From a Ford, tomtom or Bosch dealer. However the prices between these vendors may vary quite a lot. The SD-cards from Ford are usually the cheapest.

The SD cards for the Ford MFD Satnav system can be identified by the number on the label of the SD-card:

V1 = 2011
V2 = 2012
V3 = 2013
V4 = 2014 (V4 contained an error and is replaced by V4.1)
V5 = 2015
V6 = 2016
V7 = 2017
V8 = 2018

The V8 SD-card is the latest and is released about 2 months ago.


Being developed in cojunction with Bosch/Blaupunkt the Ford MFD Satnav system uses the (very good) Bosch/Blaupunkt copy protection. This copy protection is based on the unique CID number if the SD-card. The CID number of the SD-card is encrypted into the files on the SD-card. This type of encryption has never been cracked so if you want to make a copy of an original SD-card it needs to be a full clone with an identical CID number. This requires an SD-card with a changeable CID number (very hard to find). 

Several Chinese SD-card manufacturers offer (large quantity batches of) SD-cards with a custom (user defined) CID number. These SD-cards can even be supplied with a custom (user defined) label. Many of the cheap SD-cards that are offered on eBay for the Ford MFD Satnav system are no original SD-cards but these cheap Chinese clones. The quality of these clones fully depends on the quality of the SD-card. Unfortunately many of these clones are based on very cheap SD-card (less than 2 Pounds a piece when bought in large quantity batches). 


A few Years ago Samsung produced several batches of SD-cards that had a security fault. The security of these SD-cards have a backdoor which makes it possible to change the CID number of the SD-card. By using this backdoor it is perfectly possible to make a 100% fully functional clone of an original Ford MFD SD-card. This is the only way to make a very high quality clone of the original Ford MFD SD-card.

Unfortunaltely Samsung fixed the security fault after they discovered the fault. These days it is pretty hard to find a suitible Samsung SD-card that has the ability to change the CID number. The Samsung EVO+ SD-cards (not the newer EVOplus ones) have the highest success rate. 

I was lucky enough to find a few of these Samsung EVO+ SD-cards at a local store 2 Years ago. With these cards I am able to make 100% clones of the original Ford MFD SD-card (only for my own personal use of course).

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