Ford focus radio/display problem

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I'm not sure if I'm writing in the proper section so apologize if not. 

I got ford focus mk2 2011 and I decided to change the radio from standard type of the radio to 2din aftermarket one. Everything seemed fine when I firstly connected it, so decided to swap the plastic frames as the radio I had was the round type so I bought the square type cover took extra plastic covers and started mounting it. When I finished I tried to connect the radio but it wasn't working for some strange reason. The only way to turn it on was changing the cables a bit but then other problems I noticed happened. The main problem now is that the dashboard lights and gouges from fuel and temperature take longer to load. I got the video recorded but the attachments on this site are really small so there is the link dashboard  . The radio still doesn't respond properly and doesn't turn on. Does anyone have any idea what it may be ?  I took the negative off to try to restart it  but didn't help at all. 

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