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MK2.5 DV6 banjo bolt question


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Quick question (hopefully) on behalf of my father in law and his 2011 DV6 Focus (cDPF).  I understand that there is a banjo bolt at the top and bottom of the oil feed pipe and most sensible people seem to remove the filter/gauze to improve the oil pressure/flow to the turbo.  My question is simply, do BOTH banjo bolts have a gauze filter on the face lift/cDPF version.  We've checked the top one and there wasn't one there so I assume the previous owner has removed it.  I've not really got round to looking at what work is involved in removing the lower bolt so thought I'd check if it even had a filter in it (before spending time taking it off to find it doesn't have one!) :blush:

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It's only the lower bolt with a filter as far as I'm aware, they changed the design of it for the later Mk2s but I don't think they removed it altogether. 

You would need to remove the DPF for access to the lower bolt as it's behind the DPF can and to the left of the oil cooler.

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