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Won the battle (Fingers Crossed)


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Well, I got my 64 Plate Ford Focus from a main dealer in Feb this year - 23k on the clock and did not seem in too bad condition but I have had many issues which have now been rectified - some without question and some involving meetings with managers etc

In these 5 months of ownership I have had to have the following repaired/replaced...

Bonnet - Re-Sprayed due to Paint beginning to "craze"
Air-conditioning - Re-Gassed after A/C became non-existent
Door Check Strap - Door Making Strange creaking noise when door opened - they recommended this and replaced it but it still happens...
Rear Parking Sensors - Argument over this - put the car into reverse - noise would not stop - a few arguments but long story short they replaced them with Ford X-Vision ones
Front Bumper - Lacquer Coat started peeling off in sheets - Argument over this one of course, meeting with the garage manager - once he saw the extent of the damage, bumper re-sprayed!
Air Conditioning Again - Air Con became non-existent again - taken in and mentioned I had reported it when I first got the car - found to be a knackard A/C Condenser - replaced

Before I picked it up it had a new Dashboard Bezel fitted too as some weird crazing/cracking had occurred just in front of the screen.

Also, nothing to do with the dealer but I had an Alloy Re-Sprayed, looked amazing, took it to Kwik Fit to get a new Tyre put on it and they Destroyed It!  Ended up having to have it re-sprayed again with Kwik Fit footing the bill...

So after 5 months of persistence and going back and forward I finally now seem *touch wood* to have the car I wanted originally!  😊




2018-06-08 11.13.49-2.jpg

2018-06-10 19.25.38.jpg

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Congratulations mate. I can see how frustrating this must have been, nobody likes arguing with car dealers, or feeling like they've been duped. Glad you managed to get it all sorted without paying, you've done well to keep up the fight.

The wheels look awesome!

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Well done mate, if you've paid good money for a "nice" motor it's well worth digging your heels in over the big stuff.  Fingers crossed you'll be able to chill out and just enjoy it now! :driving:

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