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2006 1.4 drivers door central locking issue

Tango t5

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Hi everyone, i did have a search but couldnt find exactly what i needed

The Mrs has just bought a 2006 1.4 fiesta facelift and although everything works perfect the drivers door refuses to unlock from the remote key, the rest of the car opens no issues and all doors inc drivers door lock fine, just the drivers door refuses unlock so she uses the key to unlock the door

I had the door card off but came upon a another inner plastic cover with a motor for i guess the window ?? in the middle so stopped there, couldnt fix it easily and put it back together

Some of you guys must have big experience with taking these things apart and maybe even fixing this sort of issue, would some of you kindly lend your advice it would be much appreciated

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do you get any kind of click/clunk from the drivers door when locking or unlocking with the remote or is that door totally silent. If silent, Might be a break in wire between the door and door post.  Although unlikely, you could try pulling the cable about whilst pressing the remote to see if you get something happening when the cable is bent at a certain angle

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Thanks Isetta, cable seems fine, i just given it further inspection and the drivers door wants to lock, if you put your ear to the door you can hear the motor... brrrrrrr for a second or two and then it stops, all other internal handles go inward when locking car except drivers door handle which does nothing even if gently helped inwards

the cable in the back must still be connected, if you sit in the car and push the drivers door handle in it does lock all other doors inc drivers door but there does seem to be slightly more resistance when pushing drivers door handle in than interior passenger door handle

The actual drivers door latch moves smoothly

if latch pushed by hand to lock position and car is locked by key or remote a square pin appears to pop out and deadlock the car

Key or remote retracts the deadlock pin that appears but door still refuses to unlock

Door sits fine and is not binding on the frame keep

My poor daignosis is.... has something to do with cable from interior door handle to latch/lock, without a diagram or stripping it apart i cant do much more, it wants to work, i can hear it wanting to work but it seems to meet some sort of resistance and after a second or 2 stops going..brrrrrrr


Just tested something else

With drivers window open, key remote locks all doors, door handles on 4 doors go in

using remote key to unlock all handles pop out except drivers door

however, if i lean in the car and just ease the drivers handle out a small bit from the lock position and then unlock the car with key remote the door unlocks properly, seems to be either binding slightly at door handle/cable or the door handle goes in too far ?? but it works if the door handle is eased out a mill or 2

is there an adjuster somewhere in the back ?? anyone have a diagram ??

Another edit

Issue does appear to be between interior handle and the small oblong metal pin that appears at the door edge lock mech, it appears to work perfect, pops out smoothly when locked ( key or int handle push )and if interior handle is pulled back it retracts without issue and smoothly, the issue is using the remote key, the handle wont pop out and the pin refuses to retract unless interior door handle eased out a bit

Now my question is, does that sound like a worn door lock motor or a dry cable maybe... if the cable sheaf is binding slightly on the interior part then that can be a cause


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I have not looked inside the door on one of these cars myself. Only cars over 20 years old where they tended to have stiff metal rods , not cables with inner and outer.

If mine, I would be thinking I need to detach the cable at both ends to see if any resistance and to get oil down inside it maybe. Hopefully someone else who has fiddled about inside the door on one of these cars can comment.

The only time I had a problem with central locking it was because the catch mechanism had got stiff and needed some oil.

like on the part shown in this pic, oiling from inside the door




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