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1.6 EcoBoost loss of power

chris f

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Sorry if posted before can’t find info

Any ideas please

While driving home my 1.6 EcoBoost 150hp was at about 3,000 revs, felt like a little rough run for 10 seconds then , engine service now message at the same time I now have what sounds like a pop off valve fitted, and not getting full turbo pressure. Never had the sound before car has had the recall carried out. 

Have I just popped off a hose or is my EcoBoost about to die. 

Any help would be very much appreciated 

thank you in advance.

2012 1.6 EcoBoost titanium x estate 43000 miles

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check post on turbo failure  or ecoboom facebook site


I believe many get a rev dependant rattling sound, they ignore for a few thousand miles then the turbo self-destructs….

from the limited amount I've read about these its a std feature of these models

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Sorry so long to get update posted working to much.

It turned out that when my car was in for the Ecoboost recall (2 weeks before), the time pressed staff forgot to fully tighten the bolt on the turbo hose, this in turn then worked its way loose and fell off. 

In turn when the car and pipe got hot and expanded with out the clamp the boost pressure was just taking the easy way out so lack of turbo pressure, the warning light came on as the map sensor had detected a fault.

took back to dealer and was all sorted out and no charge not even for the curticy car that i had for the 2 days it was booked in for.

Have just been notified by the ford app that i am now due for the clutch slip update, ?? What are they going to leave off this time.


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