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Focus 1.6 ti-vct (115hp) 2008 power loss


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Hi all,

I am having a problem with my 2008 Ford Focus 1.6 ti-vct (115 HP). The car only has 60.000 km and has had regular service visits.

Even though it is not very powerful, the engine has a lively performance and is fun to drive... when it works normally....

The problem is that sometimes the engine feels like it  (is tired) has less power and is struggling to accelerate. Everything seems to be ok, the only significant symptom being the loss of power.

Changed oil, air filter, spark plugs, cleaned the throttle flap, cleaned the MAF sensor... nothing changed...

Any ideas/ advice would be greatly appreciated 🙂


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have you put a OBD port code reader on it to see if any fault codes showing? Not all fault codes cause the warning light to go on (and I am assuming it is not on as you have not said it is)

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No warning lights and no fault codes.

Another detail is that most of the times when it feels underpowered, the temperature outside is high. So I'm thinking there's a sensor that doesn't give a fault error, but is providing wrong values...


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0 to 60 is about 11 sec and MPG 40 round town 45 below 65 on a motorway.... and 35mpg everywhere if lazy or doing over 75

the one I drive is actually happier trundling along at 1800rpm, if I bury the pedal 10mm in to the carpet and wait for the red line, I die of boredom and after a long wait nothing happens aside from some rather unpleasant noise, so I put the cruise on and fall asleep

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