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Finding your old car history??


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Is there any way of finding you old car history,i had a RS2000 which is now my profile picture,it was N reg 1974 as on the M.O.T search but no history.

Like a site or something that anyone has been on.

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7 hours ago, Jonro2009 said:

What is the full reg? Not sure if I can find it but will have a shot. I just found my 98 saxo on an S plate and that isn’t taxed or tested for several years

The reg is SSC599N...........Thanks for trying as i loved this car but being its age i would of thought its gone now,it was even Registered on the RS Owners Club where

i had to send Reg off to prove it was a Geniune one,i even had a Build number etc with my member card but all gone now.

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5 hours ago, kingsblue said:

Not been taxed since August 1990, the car maybe in someones garage or was scrapped a long time ago. MK1 RS2000's are ridiculous money now and still seem to be rising.

I know mate there stupid money,i have sent a e-mail to the RS owners club to see what they can find.

August 1990 my that's a long while,makes you think back in them days and now these in A1 condition are like 40k+ to buy and cost me £600 in bad condition so i

did it up a lot but like a complete fool i didn't have the cash to do it original as on my profile picture i did it Rosso red,it was

the orange/red with the Burgundy decals on it but all the other stuff was original from engine to seats/dash etc.

I will look at DVLA  at next if no job from RS club.

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What year did you pay £600 for it? Mid - late eighties I guess, yes nice ones are 40k+, some crop up on eBay more than that though! I remember you could take your pick of sierra 3-door cosworths for £7500, probably getting on for 10 times that now. Would love a MK1 or MK2 escort.

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What year i had it,my thats a hard one to think of as i had it not long after my test being in them days insurance was cheap going through dads name.

Around 1988 area but will think about that one,i was around the 19 to 20 in age i think.

It was by chance i found it,it was dumped up a corner of a front garden and very bad,the floor was gone and faded bad,i spent a lot of time/money on it.

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