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Creaking Noise since Track Rod End Replaced


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Had a freak accident on motorway in my Ford Ka Studio *2008) when a metal rod completely split the driver side front trye. The garage fitted a new track rod end and wheel. Since its been replaced there is a creaking noise which is worrying me!! I'm having the lower arms (passenger / driver side) replaced on Saturday as the garage said they will need replacing soon as they noticed when repairing the car. Could the noise be relating to the lower arms (they said the passenger side one is worse than the drivers side) ? It never made a noise before the accident so I'm not sure if it's connected.  Any advice gratefully received! ! 


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the near side usually goes first as its more prone to kirbs sunken drains and potholes. the craking noise maybe the rubbers on the anti roll bars aswell but that make more of a knocking sound.

you will notice the steering and feel of the car being much better when the lowers suspension arm is replaced. if one side is gone its usually not long until the other side goes.

the part is about £35.00 from memory and about 45 mins to replace. i would say £100 all in for part and fitting but ford genuine will cost about £95 for the part alone so have a aftermarket one fitted they are fine on a old car thats what i do myself.

aks the garage to make sure all is tughtend ans you can hear a craking noise but you may have had that all along and now you listening for noises

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