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Best method or product to remove an oil mark from a car seat


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Morning all,

I hope that as a lot of you work on your own cars you'll have had this problem and might be able to offer a solution..

On Friday I had all the tyres replaced on my car by a mobile fitter.  Unfortunately as he put the locking wheel nut back into the glove box the cuff of his overall must have brushed against the passenger seat and has left a black mark on the light grey fabric.  To be fair to him it was dark when he finished the job so he wouldn't have noticed and neither did I until the weekend when I drove in daylight.

Naturally I wish to remove the stain!  Eurocarparts sell several different sprays/foams for "carpet" cleaning (https://www.eurocarparts.com/carpet-cleaner), which I assume also can be used to clean the seats.  Or has anyone had good results with a drop of Fairy liquid and a toothbrush?  I don't want to try anything DIY which may make it worse.

I had the interior of the car cleaned earlier in the year and since it's generally only me in the car the passenger and rear seats are pristine!

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It really depends on what the stain is...if it's grease or oil it'll need different treatment to if it's just brake dust/road dirt.

I generally just use wet wipes to remove stains though!  Baby wipes, kitchen wipes, even your missus make up wipes should all be able to break down grease without having to buy anything special and without causing damage.  If you don't have any of those, fairy liquid or a paste of biological washing powder can also work.

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If wipes don't work autoglym I intensive tar remover works very well, it's also a glue and solvent remover and I've recently used it to get chewing gum out the carpet in my new car

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