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MK2 facelift front end repair


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Hey all,

I’m new here and could really do with some help!

Last year, I had a front end collision which wrote the car off with a Cat C. 

I got got the car back and had it repaired by a garage who replaced the bonnet and slam panel. They also repaired the top mounting holes for both headlights (but didn’t work)

Here’s the issue, the bumper looks like it has now shifted downwards so there is a gap underneath the headlights. However, the bonnet no longer closes fully so the ‘bonnet open’ alert keeps coming up when driving above 50mph. 

Also, when I close the bonnet, the headlight is forced out so it would seem more likely that the initial front end collision had shifted some mountings upwards so that the bonnet doesn’t close fully.

My question is...

What items are responsible for the positioning of the slam panel and or bumper and are they easily replaceable without needing to weld?

Really hope you guys can help.

Many thanks




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