Nooo! Can't open bonnet!

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Got K&N enroute this morning, 3 stops away, eager to fit it this morning, went out to car, can't open bonnet lol.

I must have touched something when I did the snorkel delete.

How the hell can I open my bonnet now? Key in, left n right, nothing is happening.

Not a great start to the day :(

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Do a search, it's a really common fault on the Mk2 Focus.  Should be able to open it through the grill with a long flatblade screwdriver after some fiddling.

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I struggled with the key for about 10 mins the other day.

Had just about given up on it then decided to push down hard on bonnet, right above locking latch whilst turning the key and it opened!

Not sure if I just got lucky, but might be worth a try.

Hope this helps.


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Stoopid flamin' car …. 🤬

Firstly thanks for the comments, really appreciate it.

So I had a quick look online and youtube, decided to go through the grill and see what was what when snap went one part of it, so at this point I carried on snapping, it made a cool sound if nowt else.

Figured, if I can't rip the grill out, I'll just snap bits off until it comes out, and it still won't all come out lol but least I can get me hand in.

Did this help? Nope, not at all...… still can't get the bonnet to open.

Worse thing about this is, it now looks like an Astra with no grill, damn....

I have seen some things about this white circle at the back of the lock, mine moves back and forth.

You see in my instance I have moved something when I did the snorkel delete, I felt this like rubber bar band thing and that was the bonnet release inside the engine bay as the snorkel goes under this so I must have unhinged something, so in my instance, I dunno how I gonna fix this.

All I do know is I will keep going at it with the hammer until I get there lol.

Someone please stop be before it's too late and it ends up looking like a Nissan Micra 😣

What do I do now? Rip bonnet clean off?





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Aaaannnd…. Relax... Ahh....

OK so were making progress.

I found a link to a post in this forum which gave good pics and instruction, here:

It still wasn't that clear enough for me as I needed it in stupid people terms 🤣

What I did was I got a long handled flathead screwdriver, it doesn't matter on the size so long as you have some purchase in one of the holes on that white thing, then you press, not massively hard, if you press too hard with all ya bodyweight ya can't turn the key 🙄

So ya apply a good amount of pressure, you will know how much by how the key turns, so in the 12 o'clock position on the white thing press it in, turn left and right and after a few attempts of doing this as the pressure seems to needing to be spot on, then the bonnet will come up.

Initially it only came up the first notch, so make sure whoevers turning the key turns it immediately right after going anti clockwise as you would normally.

So I have whipped the dirty airbox out the car, gonna go give it a bath, install the K&N and back in the car and hopefully take her for a test drive this evening.

I am going to need a new grill, I am tempted to use just black mesh, but what I am not happy about is the lock situation. There must be a generic pull system one I can fit and install the lever in the drivers footwell. Either from a pug or a pre ford model where ya never opened the bonnet under the badge.

Man that stressed me today that did..... I might go full on Knight Rider jobbie now lol.

Some pics to help those who have the same problem. I think mine just gave way not sure how it was just bad timing, not sure how to fix, but right now I want the airbox back in the car, test drive, a bit more cursing and then, I can think about a more perm solution and get a grill ordered.






I think me filter was ready for a change, don't you 😂😚


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You can pull the key part out completely and just carry a flatblade to open the bonnet in future.

It's an anti-tamper device that's meant to collapse if anyone tries to pull on the key barrel or grill, you should be able to push it back together.  Or replace the plastic cross in the centre if that's broken.

Can't say I've seen anyone fitting a bonnet cable to these, cables eventually snap anyway lol.

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It will never work right again after its broke. I opened mines from inside the engine I had to remove the radiator bolts and drop the radiator to swivel in to get the bolts removed from the back of the lock then after thinking I had it repaired it happened again. Finally I just bought one of these and it work flawlessly and one pro about it is you can open the bonnet when the engine is running cos the key is different 😁

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