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Insurers look-up tables

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Just been through the annual trial of insurance renewal. Found (as I did last year) that several of the look-up tables on insurers websites don't bring up the full description of the car, just "ST-Line X Ecoboost turbo" without mentioning the PS. This is as per the V5 which only shows the power output in kW (103 in this case).

Eventually ended up renewing with my current insurer after the usual negotiation, but found when I received the documents online it said "Ecoboost ST-Line X Ecoboost turbo 125", though registration number and all other details were correct. So a further call to sort this out (the insurer said this was what came up on their computer, but have now corrected it) and at last got documents showing correct details.

Don't know if this affects other models or only Mk 8 Fiestas, but just thought I'd post a cautionary note. I wonder what would have happened in the event of a claim if I'd not noticed the error?








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