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Hi all. Hoping someone can help me diagnose this problem on my ford focus.

So a few weeks ago i'm driving along and notice white smoke coming from the bonnet. No engine light on dash and temp sensor at 90. Pulled over and checked under the bonnet could see a burst pipe which i had replaced soon after. 

Few days later smoking again and can see coolant is leaking again.

Took it to the garage where mechanic replaced the radiator and thermostat. Doesn't seem to be leaking again but can hear the coolant bubbling from time to time whilst driving.

Few days later and i start getting a whining noise when driving. Took it in again and advised the power steering fluid is leaking. Mechanic has advised me to replace the power steering pump and the drive belt as this is causing the leak and also causing the coolant to bubble.

Has anyone else come across anything similar? Why would a leak in the power steering cause the coolant to overheat?

Any advice welcome.


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I highly doubt the power steering would have any adverse affect on the coolant. Did the coolant get topped up after the leak? Was the correct coolant used? Also if you take off the driver side wheel jack it up on a stand and you should see part of the PS pipe just behind the wheel arch liner, follow that back and inspect for any leaks. You will know if it' leaking as parts will be stained in the fluid.

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