Radiator cap - how do I get it off?

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I have a mk7 2012 Fiesta Zetec manual and am having trouble getting the coolant cap off.

I know there are issues with some people on the forum saying they can get the cap off but it leaves some of it in the coolant reservoir, but my issue is that I can't actually get it off at all. When I turn it anti clockwise, I can feel it releasing pressure from the thread but then as I keep turning it in the same direction it starts tightening again.

Is there some trick to it?

Hoping not to have to replace the cap as a non genuine one is $76nzd (40 pounds!) at our local Repco parts centre.

Water line is just below min too so I better get it filled (I suspect that when I have been taking it in for it's oil change, they havent been topping up the water as they can't get it off!




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