2009 fiesta 1.25 style - radio not working

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Hi all, recently purchased a 2009 1.25 petrol for daughter. Last week the radio gave up and stopped responding to any button pushes. Head Unit model no is 8A6T-18C815-BN and have attached images of facia and rear connection plugs for ref.

 Display shows clock only and door open etc, but radio facia buttons do not respond nor does the facia illuminate. Read a fair few posts and so far tried, battery disconnect 40min reset, checked 7.5 and 15 amp fuses all OK, took a punt and purchased a 2nd hand head unit , still no luck. When inserting power to head unit i hear what sounds like the CD engage, I can insert and eject cd and use lock button and hazard button. Checked cables on multiplug at rear for 12v supply, which is there although no idea which pins do what. Any help would be appreciated as sort of at a loss now. Is there any other units behind dash that could be causing this or other fuses im missing? ,  is it worth sourcing a complete unit setup from fleabay (head unit, display and button facia)? Or does anyone have any good links to wiring schematics that I could try to follow.? Thanks 



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I might be totally wrong here and don't claim to be an expert. what I am writing here is based on my experience of wiring problems on a 2008 focus.

In modern cars there are various computer modules that speak to eachother in a computer type data stream.

The ECU that controls the engine is on a High Speed canbus. The other stuff - lights / radio etc are on the Medium speed canbus.

The radio has a load of wires and two of these are MS canbus wires so the radio can talk to the BCM (body control module) as computer data signal. On the Focus the BCM is incorporated into the fuse box under the glovebox.

I am wondering if there is some kind of break in the MS canbus wiring between radio and BCM. The MS canbus wires go from the speedo cluster to the BCM but take a much longer route than you would imagine as other stuff is connected (or optional extras connected eg. reversing sensors) on short spurs off the main canbus wires.

So I am thinking is the problem because the BCM is not receiving signals from the radio so is not sending signals back to control it.

So all this might be a red herring, but I can definitely say that the 2008 Focus has a MS canbus connection on the radio.

Does anyone else reading this know if this Fiesta radio would have a canbus connection?



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