Coolant hose connectors leaking (Fiesta mk7.5)

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I took my car to Ford dealership and they installed a new coolant reservoir and the two hoses that have plastic connectors in the coolant reservoir end. Now both connections seem to leak coolant slightly and I'm baffled. The parts seem to be the correct ones since I've visually inspected them and they look similar to the old ones. Is this really the "quality" of genuine Ford parts or do I have some kind of defect in the coolant reservoir.
If I detach the top hose it has a small o ring in it and when I push it back it goes in pretty easily with just a small amount of friction. To me this tells that the fitting is not very tight. The lower hose fitting looks to be tight but in reality it doesn't seem to be so.

I've attached an image below to show the connectors I'm talking about.

Reason why I wanted to renew these parts is just a precaution so that they would last the lifetime of the car. If anyone has any knowledge of these parts and how tight fit they should be please let me know. I'm taking the car back to the dealership asap.


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