OBD II fault code P0130

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Couple a weeks ago i got OBD II fault code P0132 and afterwards P0030 in my Ford Fiesta 2004, 1.4 mk5.

Found out that my H02S bank 1 sensor 1 had a defected heater element and was burned up. I changed the whole sensor with an unoriginal one, was told it should fit to a Ford Focus made in similar years so i thought it would be correct. 

4 days after I changed the sensor I got a new fault code. P0130 malfunction bank 1 sensor 1. It takes some time from when I start the engine before it comes in. Could it be that its wrong calibrated or just dosent fit the car?

The power to the sensor is 0.52 V and its 1.3 Ohms in the sensor. Though it sounded pretty correctly. Have also changed the spark plugs and air-filter. Any ideas? 


Thank you! 


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