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Loose interior trim - any tips?

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Hi guys,

As the title suggests some trim is loose on the inside of my Ford Focus Zetec 2015.

It was like that when I bought the car 3 years ago . . . How I didn't notice is beyond me and obviously if I had I would have gotten the dealer to sort it! 

I noticed it a few months later and well . . . I've just never got round to sorting it and there's been a few other minor touch ups I've needed to do so now seems like a good time to get on with it!

As far as I can tell it's purely cosmetic. It also doesn't look as if anything has snapped - maybe it just wasn't fitted in properly when it was built? I've tried brute forcing it into place but that doesn't work and I don't want to poke around too much in case I do snap something or just make the problem look a whole lot worse. 

The photos my camera takes are too big to upload . . . The black plastic housing around the rear view mirror is loose most of the way around but mainly along the top where it meets the roof/bits closest to the mirror itself. Also the driver's side front pillar - to your front right as you sit in the driver's seat - the plastic on there is loose at the top near the roof and ever so slightly coming up at the bottom where it meets the dash.

Any tips to get it back in place?

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