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HELP....Hi car cut out and wont now start !

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Hi all,

My 2010 2.0 TDCI Auto cut out the other day and now won't start.

I drove all the way from Leeds to Silverstone then onto East Mids airport without a hitch. The car was parked up forabout 5 days and when I returned it started first time but after a few mins the fuel light came on whilst driving up the M1.

I pulled off at first service station but as soon as I got off motoway a "Engine Malfunction" warning light came on and the car would not start again.

I've put more diesel in just incase that was a problem but the car just turns over and not start.

The "Engine Malfunction" light still comes on but when I connect a basic code reader it shows no faults but in Pending Faults shows code U0422.

Any help appreciated,





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no idea if this is correct, but lots of post suggesting the body control module (which on most other brands  = the GEM on a ford), not playing ball with the PCM (engine ECU)

may be the battery is too flat for the car to make sense of things?

U0422 Meaning :

u Network Code
Problem is climate control system, lighting, airbags, etc.
0 SAE - Generic
4 BBV Sensor Circuit Low Voltage
2 BBV Sensor Circuit Low Voltage
2 Transmission

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Thought I'd update you all on the outcome.

Had a scan done and it was showing a network issue, basically an electrical fuse, joint,  earth, connection was faulty somewhere on the car. The guy said it would mean going through every wire to try find the issue.

When he went I looked at the sensor connections and fuses in the engine bay, cleaning and disconnecting and reconnecting each one. The fault went and it started!

So, it was fixed. Unfortunately a couple of times after that the same fault occured, engine fault light came on and it cut out. I wiggled the wires and connections again and fault went! 

To solve the problem, I in turn when the fault appeared, moved each connector one at a time until fault went and I narrowed it down to the fuel return pipe sensor that is fastened underneath the inlet manifold, still don't know the purpose of it?

I examined the connector and wires and discovered that both the wires had rubbed through the covering and were bare wires causing it to intermittently short together.

I've cut wires, put in a connector and wrapped in insulation tape and it all seems fine now.

At the same time I removed the 2 other sensors on the inlet manifold as they were covered in gunk and the car seems a lot smoother runner than before 👍


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