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Mondeo mk4 steering malfunction

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I am having a problem with my mondeo mk4 2012 and am wondering if someone can help me Or has seen something similar.

- steering malfunction light came on, could start it maybe 4 times, then it cut power all ignition and had to be recovered to a ford garage, battery had a collapsed cell, so they put a new battery in, bypassed ignition to get the computer onto it, cleared millions of codes, checked all the charging circuits and ran the computer module tests and gave it me back as working ok, which it was......

- 2 days later and steering malfunction is back on the dash, manage to get it back to same place, they cleared the codes, u3000 Rfa unit internal error, and sent me on my way as I was on holiday and just wanted to get it back nearer to home as out holiday was nearly over and I couldn’t leave it with them any longer.

- got home ok, 2 days later and same steering malfunction error / low battery error (it’s not it 12.9v off and 14.8v charging)/ key not detected flash up, took it to my local ford dealer, who had to bypass ignition once again as it went into lockdown as I must have my few remaining starts to get it there, cleared all the codes and it’s back reporting as fine, all things pass on all their computer tests. 
when it comes out of lockdown there is nothing sensible in the computer to tell it what was wrong, almost every code is thrown including for items the car it not even fitted with! So they don’t know why it was triggered.

however I just know it’s going to do it again, any ideas what could be triggering this steering malfunction, ford have checked all the modules, kvm/rfa module tests fine , wiring loom ok, no water In anywhere. So I am at a loss, the original dealer said if it happened Again they would replace this rfa/kvm module in the boot, but that’s  testing fine once the codes are cleared, do they have a habit of intermittent faults? anyone any better ideas than ford?



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