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performance air filter change


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hi kuga 180 psi 2019 does anyone know of a performance filter ,maybe getting better mpg on a long run , who /where / cost .are they round or panal. has anyone done this and do you got thru more fuel. 

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Assuming it is the 1.5 petrol then I really wouldn't waste your time and money.

Standard filter will flow more air than that engine can use as long as it's clean and as for fuel economy good luck, we had the exact same car and we could barely get it to 24mpg on a long run. 17-18 around town was it's average which was a shock when my modified mk4 mondeo will do low 20's around town and 38mpg on a good run.

With 8000 miles on the clock (along with it's 3rd engine and 2nd turbo) we got rid of it for a 2ltr diesel and no matter how hard it's ragged we can't get the mpg below 31.

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