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Ford Fiesta MK7.5 - Is traction control necessary?

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This might sound like a strange and likely dumb question - recently I had my Fiesta tuned and I noticed a significant boost in performance when traction control was turned off. Unfortunately, this can only be done by jumping through a few menus which take a while to load and is annoying to do, not to mention distracting while driving. To make it worse, the menu automatically times out and goes back to the home page after a short amount of time, otherwise I would just stay on that menu all the time. Because of this, even though I would much rather only have it off on occasion, it makes it very tempting to just turn traction control off permanently, especially because I don't personally notice a different in terms of stability.

Is there a shortcut to turn off traction control, or something third-party I can install to allow me to toggle it easily (such as a button to replace one of the blank switches on the centre console)? Is there a way to not have the menus return to the homepage? Does anyone else drive without traction control on?


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