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Auto rain & light sensor problem MK8( windshield replaced )

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Hello Guys,

I had to replace my windshield with an OEM one , But the auto rain and light sensor was not working anymore

I ordered new one ( rain sensor & light sensor ) H1BT-3F944-AG

But they still not working i have this DTC  b10ad:08-2f

What can be the problem? reset module did not fixed the problem ( my front and rear wipers are working normal ) 

Any help would be appreciated


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  • mssmar changed the title to Auto rain & light sensor problem MK8( windshield replaced )

Looking online it could be fuses, bad earth or you dont have the correct windscreen for auto lights/wiper


"The DTC error indicated U2030-0F, rain/light sensor communications error. I replaced the sensor and checked the wiring between the sensor and GEM module, no fault was found.

I eventually contacted the company that replaced my windscreen and I got them to install a genuine FORD windscreen and my auto lights and wipers functioned properly again.

What we found is that the sensor has an IR mark on the back and it requires a IR windscreen, which is also clearly marked on the bottom of the windscreen."


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If the screen was fitted through Autoglass or similar, they offer warranty on stuff like this.  When my screen was fitted the tech broke the sensor, they came back and fitted a brand new genuine part FOC.

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Hi thank you for the answers,

it’s not a fuse problem i already checked,

i have the correct windshield ( genuine Ford ) 

i will check the wiring 


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