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2011 Mk3 Focus not opening from the inside

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Hi all,

my 2011 Mk3 has over the last few months developed an issue with the drivers side internal door lever in that it usually takes two or three attempts at pulling the lever before the door would open. 

This started out intermittent, then it became the norm to require two pulls. Today this has got much worse and it takes at least a dozen or so attempts before the door will open. 

The door locks/unlocks just fine and the external handle works absolutely fine as well.

I’ve seen various videos and articles, but they seem to be for the mk2 and older. 

I’m assuming this is going to be a door skin off job to check the cable at the lock actuator body? The cable at the lever end looks fine from what I can see. 

Has anyone else encountered this on a Mk3?

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1 hour ago, m50e30 said:

Door card off and have a look. If I was a betting man, I'd say you need a new door lock mech

That’s what I’d feared. Looks like you need to take half the door apart to get to the lock mechanism!

I’ll get the part ordered. 

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One more question, could a door lock actuator cause a parasitic drain or for the car to not go to sleep properly? Twice now in as many months have I found the car completely dead (electrically) overnight. 

The car locks and unlocks normally with the remote locking so I assume it must be happy that door sensors have told it they’re closed?

Or am I chasing yet another fault? Last time this happened I managed to verify that the car was going to sleep after about 40 minutes and it was ok for quite some time. 

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