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MK3 Focus Cruise control problems

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Hi.  Cruise control, hill assist and stop start don't work on my 2011 Titanium X 1.6 tdci.


I have scanned for codes and currently have:

Code: P0807 00 2F- Clutch Position Sensor A Circuit Low

Code: P0806 00 2F- Clutch Position Sensor A Circuit Range/Performance

Code: P083F 00 2F - Clutch Pedal Switch A/B Correlation


I have taken to fords who wanted to charge the earth to change some sensors so did it myself  I have changed clutch position sensor, cruise control steering wheel controls and gear neutral sensor.  And still nothing works!  Any ideas? 





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Actually only the one that just twists off that right behind the pedal. Where does this one go?  





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Does anyone know how to get to the upper cruise control sensor as I cant see it? (as mentioned above)

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14 hours ago, iantt said:

It's directly above the lower clutch switch. To see and access it you need to take the lower dash trim panels off below the steering column. 

Super thanks, I will do that.  

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Hi. I changed the upper clutch switch, it was quite easy actually.  However, it made no difference and cruise control etc still not working.


Any ideas as I've changed all sensors the faults related too but they appear to be a red herring? Could clutch master cylinder be faulty or something else?

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