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Slave cylinder and hydraulic lines


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Hi everyone thanks for your help in advance. So today I was driving and all of a sudden it was really difficult to get in 1st gear and when it did finally the car stalled. Immediately I thought slave cylinder or clutch. I did the clutch 18 months before along with the slave. When I got home I noticed it was rather wet around the hydraulic feed line to the slave. I’m not sure if anyone is still familiar with the mk1 focus but between the flared end of the metal hydraulic line and the female fitting of the slave cylinder there is a nut that is about 15-20mm long one end is a male fitting with a seal and snap ring sort of shaped like a horse shoe this goes to the slave and the other end is a thread fitting for the line from master cylinder. This on my car has split along one of the flat faces across 18mm of the length ish and is causing the leak inevitably allowing air in the system and not allowing the clutch to be fully disengaged. I was wondering if anyone knew what this part is called and where can I get it from. I have trawled eBay, google you name it and I can’t find it or find a part number. I’m starting to fear it will be a £150 part from Ford. I’ll add a photo to hopefully help show what I mean. Again thank you for your help if you can and thank you for reading my essay 


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