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Knocking on rear of Mk1 Focus

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Hi, I have a light knocking at the back of my focus over small bumps and ripples. I've had new shocks, new top mounts and new anti roll bar links. Its not the boot lock as it is coming from both sides. Its driving me insane. Mechanics have looked over it saying there's no problem they can see. Anyone have any ideas?

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If the rear links still have play they will still knock. Also can be a worn exhaust mount, rear trailing arm bushes or anti rollbar bushes. Get the car high up at the back and get a crowbar and do some jiggling. To try and pinpoint the noise you can open the hatch and bounce the car from the opening before getting under there. 

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I had a mechanic do exactly that today with the crowbar. He said he can't see any movement in anything. If there was an inner top mount I would say it wold be that. When he put on the new shocks and top mounts it went for a bit then came back. I put on some ST wheels and the harder ride made it much worse. Now he's put the links on its slightly better but still there.

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On 3/27/2021 at 6:35 PM, Tumpintom69 said:

On that note I'll take a closer look at those. Thankyou  🙂

Any news?

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