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2.5T exhaust... struggling to find on online parts... any idea?

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My 2006 Smax 2.5T has a break in the pipe on the nearside back box (the side with the tee in the pipe).  The whole system looks pretty much on its last legs to be honest, so If I take this section off, I couldn't be sure that the other box won't break somewhere.

I've not been to a garage yet as it's bank holiday but was looking online for a parts price.

I cannot find any stockist for this exhaust, so was wondering if anyone else had trouble getting parts to replace this and whether any of the systems for the other engines will fit and whether it would really matter if I used a one-back box system (I don't use the full performance, so not bothered if it's a bit restricted, as long as it doesn't harm the turbo).

The car is 15 years old and not due an MOT, so for the time being I've put a clamp round it and but a support on the back box to hold it up in case the pipe breaks.  It's not worth spending multiple hundreds on the car if I can find a reasonable pre-owned system (near Manchester).



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I will have a similar problem in due course. For the 2.5T and 2.2D I don't think there are many options other than Ford or having one made up by a company like Powerflow or Longlife etc, neither will be cheap though. I would suggest contacting them to get an idea.

Also worth noting that if it's the original exhaust then it might be one piece and you may need to get both rear boxes (not sure if it would join to other after being cut, might need sleeve etc)

Here's an idea on price Link to Ebay for the nearside box.

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Thanks Frembrit.  I've searched and searched and hadn't come across that listing.  I've watched it and hopefully they'll put a picture up at some point.

I suspected that sort of pricing, which is why I'm considering my options.  The car has been a money pit recently and my company car allowance won't support cars over 10 years old from January 2022 (they want us on battery electric), so I'm leaning towards  leaving it with the temporary fix until MOT and then selling as spares/repair or scrapping and moving on.  Something might turn up in the meantime, as the MOT is December.


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