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Alternator belt query 1.5tdci


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I have a 2015 Fiesta 1.5TDCI with aircon. Yesterday the aircon pump seized when I switched aircon on which made the belt break. Luckily I got home before the battery went flat which was about 60 mile drive.

I thought with the aircon turned back off the pulley would free wheel again because the clutch would release but no it seems to be jammed. My priority is to get the car running again quickly, as I need to use it, even if it means no aircon.

So I am thinking put a shorter belt on which just goes from the crank pulley to alternator (with the tensioner on it) and not have it going round the aircon pulley. (this car has water pump driven from timing belt and electric power steering). It looks like the belt run would pass above the aircon pulley without fouling it (I have not done any dismantling yet so I am just looking down from above it). 

Eurocarparts do list a belt for this for non-aircon cars. It says it is 6pk800 (800mm long). But what I need to know is does the non aircon car have any different layout / tensioner or if I buy the non-aircon belt is it going to fit right with my existing tensioner.   I have searched with google but I can't find any pics showing that area of the engine with no aircon. Does anyone know?   I doubt if many fiestas don't have aircon with 1.5tdci - may someone has a van and can tell me?  anyone got a manual which pictures the belt route with and without  aircon? I am worried it might have a different tensioner or an extra idler wheel? 

Please help if you can. 


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I would get a length of string and run that round the pulleys you need and use this as a gauge as to what length belt you need it will also give you the route.

most motor factors can find belts by length that's proper motor factors not eurocarparts.

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Yes, you're right. I was hoping to get the part before doing the dismantling so I can do it all in one go and only get dirty once . But I think, as you say, I will have to get under the car and do the measuring first. My wife's going to livid about not having aircon, but we managed in the old days without it. It's a 'nice to have' feature.  I might get it working again one day when I have more time. Thanks

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The Gates site shows belt setups for future reference.

It does appear that the 1.5 TDCI uses the same tensioner position without AC.  





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thanks , that's just the kind of diagram I needed, I just couldn't seem to find it anywhere. 

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following up on what I have done. Not to ask a question, but just so it's on here in case it helps someone else at a later date with same problem.

I mentioned above that the aircon pump clutch seems to be stuck as well as pump jammed inside.  The clutch freed off once I tapped it free with hammer and screwdriver. Not sure if the excessive heat of belt being dragged around jammed pulley sort of glued it together before belt broke. There did seem to be a lot of molten rubber stuck in the pulley grooves. 

I had an old belt of same size in my shed (never throw anything away - you don't know when it might come in handy).  So I put this on, but in case I pressed the aircon button by accident I took the aircon fuse and relay out. So now I could use the car again, but I noticed that the radiator fan is on all the time (I know it normally is on all the time when aircon is on).  So has removing the fuse and relay confused the computer thing that controls the fan?

So back to thinking of fitting a shorter belt to bypass the aircon pump. So I bought the correct shorter belt which says 9pk800 on packet but says 6pk803 on the belt (Gates brand). I put this on, and put the fuse and relay back in.   So now works fine, and the radiator fan is not on all of the time now. If I now press the aircon button, the pump clutch actuates, but as belt is not on the pulley it has no ill effect ie. the jammed pump won't break the belt.  So it will probably be left that way forever unless my wife complains about no aircon too much.

One final point. holding the tensioner back against the spring to get belt on is difficult. I got a stout rod of metal and bent it in various places so I could stick it into tensioner up from underneath car and lever tensioner back. This took quite a lot of fettling with different bends to clear other stuff in the way. Luckily I found a rod that could be bent into shape fairly easily but was rigid enough to not bend when levering the tensioner back. 

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Hey there isetta ,

The same exact thing hapenned to me , i am using a shorter belt now aswell, but would love to get the AC working again, did u fix it yet, and if so , how did you do it?

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