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Diesel Particulate Filter 2.0Tdci Ford Focus

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A question about the DPF system in my 2.0tdci 2005 Ford Focus Titanium,

I have had my car around 2 years and have some chugging and limp mode issues so I took it to the mechanic. He said it is a problem with the DPF Value and is £400 odd for a new one. He said he will try using Diesel Cleaning additive to see if this solves the issue first. I was just wondering has any1 had the same issue and how they resolved it, with or without replacing the new valve.

Any advice on how to solve this without the big bill would be great. I have read that driving for long periods at higher speeds can help clear it.

Also if I get it cleared now, should I be using Diesel cleaner on a regular basis to stop this happening??

Cheers All :)

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There is a dpf thread on here a few pages back that talks about this in depth. Click a few pages back and see if you can find it. Oh the dreaded DPF. What a pain. Everytime you fill the tank up eolys flud is released into the diesel tank to help clean the diesel so that when it comes through the exhaust system and the dpf it will release fewer emissions. On youtube there is an article that describes the process very clearly and intuitively. The eolys fluid has to be topped up every 3 years or so.Yours could be empty.Get that checked out. The DPF needs to be changed every 75000 or so because eventually it gets clogged with the emissions and needs replacing. The price you was quoted of £400 is very good. Ford dealers will charge around £1500.

I may be wrong on a few things about this but generally i have got it right.

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A question about the DPF system

Not something I've had a problem with so this may be naive, but.....

If additives would help, would running it for a while on the various 'ultra clean super diesels' half the forecourts seem to be offering help too/instead?

Maybe it would make no difference at all.

But at least its cheap to try.

Let us know if it works :rolleyes:

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Additives could perhaps increase the life expectancy of a DPF, but not by much.

You will need to keep the Eolys tank topped up. This generally is a Ford job, as although physically topping up the tank is not difficult, it also requires a computer reset (generally a Ford main dealer job only) This basically is a counter of the number of times fluid has been injected into the diesel per fill-up.

If your not having any DPF problems, the best way of prolonging its life is to have frequent motorway runs, which generally keep the car at 4000rpm and over for 10+mins. If all you do is a couple of miles a day town runs, then your DPF will become useless very quickly.

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I tried to get mine from there, but the DPF on a 1.6TDCi is a DPF+Cat, and they took this off their catalogue. I did however manage to get one on ebay from a company called Mr. Exhaust, and they were excellent. It cost me £310.

I can only vouch for this particular item, and fitment was not 100% perfect. lots of info in my original thread

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