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Auto-Dimming headlights failing to dim on new 2022 Fiesta ST3


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Has anybody experienced problems with headlights not auto-dimming ? did you find a solution?

The lights are on the 'auto' dial setting and Auto Dim is turned on in the vehicle settings menu. The nights are clear and the car is clean and yet the headlights remain on full beam.

I can see on the dashboard the appropriate icon with the A inside the headlight to show the car is in automatic headlight mode, but find myself repeatedly dazzling cars coming in the other direction.

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Hi Matt,

Not sure if you mean they never dim or just occasionally? 

I find mind work most of the time but do sometimes need to use the dipswitch manually. I do find that the system doesn't seem to like some of the roads I drive on, particularly with hidden dips.

I agree with Bob though, If you've got a problem with a brand new car best to raise it with the dealer under warranty.

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9 hours ago, alanfp said:

I think you should be looking for "auto high beam" on the menu, not auto dim.

It requires the front camera, something Ford have been dropping from newly built models due to chip shortages.

If OP doesn't have traffic sign recognition, they probably don't have auto high beam either.

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Thanks for the responses, much appreciated. The car settings all look as they should.

In terms the high-beam, the car is happy to put the high-beam on, but then fails to turn it off when on-coming traffic appears.

A manual fix of pushing the left stalk forward turns off the high beam, but the car should be doing this for me.


Since posting this, we've had a warning appear on the dashboard "Check Adaptive Headlamp. See Manual"

As I understand it, this is the ability to light up corners when you're turning, but it could be related.

We've therefore booked the car in with the dealership to get both issues sorted.

Thanks again

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11 minutes ago, DaveT70 said:

Probably needs a software update.

I thought Fiesta just had fixed LED not adaptive? Unless you're a MK8.5 (New)

Mk8 has headlamp levelling which could trigger that error possibly?

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