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Ford KA overfueling mk1 2008


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Hi, just bought a KA, 2008 plate. Since having the car the past week I have noticed there is a bad smell coming from the exhaust, I don't really know how to explain it, but its a strong fumey smell, worst when revs are higher, can't smell it inside of cabin unless I open the window and rev. The car generally idles and drives smoothly, but I feel its fuel consumption isn't great, but my last car was a twingo 1.2 eco so I don't know how to compare the consumption, and with the rise in fuel prices it's hard to tell if the car is using a lot of fuel or if it just seems like it because of the cost of filling up. Didn't notice any issues when I went to view the car, but now I'm wondering if I've been finessed lol聽馃槀. I know its hard to say without looking at the car but I was wondering if this is a common issue for ka's, and if its cheap to fix. This car is in good condition and only had one owner before me, 29k mileage. (there isn't a temp gauge so I can't tell how hot the engine is getting, but the fan doesn't come on)

Update: today I couldn't smell any fumes, however the car seemed to idle rougher today, I noticed a small amount of white smoke coming out the exhaust but only when I rev the car, this was about 10/15 minutes after the car had been started, but it is cold out today, my main concern is the cost of refilling at the moment

Is it likely it could be fuel injector related? I have read that they should last between 50k-100k miles or even the cars lifetime, I'm just hoping it's nothing to expensive, It's a good little car and I want it to last another 2ish years until I finish uni聽

Any advice is appreciated馃檪

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