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Ford fiesta 2013 - won't start!


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My car doesnt start when turning the key... it just doesnt crank over... however my car works and runs perfectly fine if i push start it in second gear!

Basically.. I've had numerous mechanics and diagnostics check my car over and still cannot diagnose the problem. 

these are some of the things i've crossed off the list so far...

- battery - new and fine nothing wrong.

- had new starter motor - wasn't even the problem!

- starter relay fuses replaced 

- immobiliser is ok

any thoughts on what this could be?

any help is appreciated!!!!

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If it starts with a push start then it must be something in the battery -> Relay -> Starter Motor chain. Have you checked the earth strap connection from the engine to the car body which is the return path from the starter to the battery. Disconnect it, clean it to bare metal and reconnect. Can you hear a click when you turn the key and if you put the sidelights on do they also dim - like the mechanics who appear unable to diagnose the problem 🙂

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As a very quick and simple check to see if it is an earthing problem. Get just one jump lead. Connect it to a good solid metal part on the engine. Connect the other end directly on to the negative terminal of the battery and then see if the car will start when you turn the key.

Report back what happens and we can offer further advice.

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Hi both


thanks for the advice however I’ve tried both options and the car still doesn’t start when turning key. 

to confirm I can hear a click and the lights all work perfectly fine. The car doesn’t start using jump leads.

im having to roll it in 2nd gear and bump start it that way and it runs perfect. 


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1 minute ago, MY_G said:

The car doesn’t start using jump leads.

Did you try just the one lead from your own car battery to the metal of the engine ?

Just need to check that you weren't trying to "jump start" it.


So next move is to remove the positive connection from the starter solenoid (not the main heavy wire to the starter motor).

With the handbrake on an the car in neutral, connect a length of wire to the positive terminal on the solenoid. Then touch the other end of the wire to the positive of the battery (watch out for the sparks). The solenoid should operate and hence the starter motor will engage and try and start the engine.

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