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Exhaust Manifold Nut Torque Pattern?


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I've looked online and on haynes and can't see a diagram for the exhaust manifold nut torque pattern for a MK6.5 1.25 Duratec?

There's only 4 studs with nuts and a bolt for the mani so I assume you just work on the principle of tightening the nuts from the centre to the outside?

I've got the torque specs and each tightening stage: 

Exhaust manifold Upper section: Stage 1: 20 Nm Stage 2: 55 Nm

Exhaust manifold Lower section: 47 Nm

Also what is meant by Upper and Lower section? Does lower section mean the two nuts just under the manifold pipes or the two bolts holding the cat to the block?


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2 hours ago, Ecosport2019 said:

As much as i admire your use of torque settings, generally techs don't torque exhaust nuts ( my own view ), as long as you work from the inside and work your way out you will be fine, just tighten them up.

Okay thanks! Yeah I'm probably being slightly over cautious but am planning to put my manifold/cat assembly back in after fixing a exhaust leak so just wanted to make sure I do as good as possible! Thanks for the reply!

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