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05 semi-automatic dosen't go after brake release

Mike Jacob

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I had recently a few problems with EAC fail. After I fixed them now my car won't go anymore after I release the brake, it used to. I unplugged the battery to reset the ECU but still doing the same. No fails or anything. It was the connector from the oxygen sensor I just clean the pins. 

The car will only go when I press the acceleration. 

Car idles the same 1000 then 800 rpm when engine is on normal temps. 

I quite like this feature it's like a big engine or diesel when you release the clutch. But now it doesn't want to go slowly anymore after brake release.  Any ideas? 

Apart from that the car drives fine.



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You probably haven't allowed the throttle body to reset properly.

Turn on ignition but do not start engine

Disconnect both battery terminals

Ensuring the cables do not touch the battery terminals, touch the negative and positive cables together and hold for 5 minutes.

Turn off ignition

Reconnect the positive then negative battery cables

Turn on ignition and turn off all accessories (lights, radio, A/C etc)

Keep your foot completely off the throttle and start the engine


Allow the engine to idle and reach full operating temperature without touching the throttle

Turn on A/C (if fitted)

Allow the engine to idle, without touching the throttle for a further minute

Turn off ignition, remove key, open and close drivers door.

Now start the engine again and see if the creep function returns

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22 minutes ago, Mike Jacob said:

I had recently a few problems with EAC fail. After I fixed them

What did you do to fix the problems ? Has the ECU been replaced ?


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Hi Unofix no the ECU haven't been replaced, just that connector cleansed.


I try again tomorrow Dave what you write.

I did let the engine to idle for 5 mins after I unplugged the battery for 30 mins. 

Cheers for the creep mode didn't know how it was called.

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The car is not starting at all now. Flat battery been off for over a month. Before that this how my car was behaving.

Started with EAC fail. Fixed that. 

After a week car lost the creep mode.

After 2 days car was starting and stop just after a few seconds. On the second attempt only crank. 

After a day same thing start and stops after 3-4 seconds. Second attempt only crank.

Ordered a fuel filter, oxygen sensor - can't replace that without a warm engine or a blow torch. Can the fuel pump be bad? (if it is I'm thinking the fuel pump need to be replaced only by removing fuel tank from under the car - only with a lifter you can do this I guess)

Car started when I was spraying some carb cleaner in the throttle body when battery was good.

I'm thinking to scrap/sell for parts, to many issues with it... Fiesta end of a story for me as well I guess. I will miss the car 


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EAC fail used to come up on these when the alternator had failed

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The cars runs only if I accelerate, one I took my foot off cars dies. Cleaned MAF sensor it's was looking allrite. Throttle body opens when I accelerate. Also it's doing open close after ignition sits off. Changed fuel filter. Tried to jump start with another car same behaviour. Last time before car was running I had an wired issue like after I come back from work after I turn off the lights engine had a higher rpm, turn lights on engine was idle normal, stopped the car and the next day car dosen't run anymore. It's leads to ECU maybe?  On 1.4 motor it's seems it's dosen't have an step-by-step motor. Just throttle body, MAF sensor, lambda. 

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