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Black Media screen


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I have a 2021 puma st line .for no reason when driving the Media / Sat nav screen just gone Black nothing on the screen visible . . no access to Sat nav ,speak button on steering wheel inop ,radio working sound only no access to controls followed instructions in manual for a reboot of screen didn’t change anything , disconnected battery for 1hour but still non operational ,Anybody got any Ideas ,have reluctantly now  booked into dealership which always means several trips.

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This is quite often caused by a problem with the APIM, and the failure of an OTA update.

The reason you have no replies is:

(a) The car is under warranty, and so you are very unlikely to try any suggestions offered here for fear of invalidating said warranty.

(b) You said in your original post that you had already booked the car in to the dealership, making any offers of help kind of pointless.

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Thanks for your recommendation  still awaiting dealer to sort out .if there had been a quick fix I would have tried to sort myself.

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